Support the Border Collie by Volunteering

The HEF is entirely run by volunteers. Every aspect of operation, from the business end to the programs and activities, all need the help and support of the Border Collie community. If you can share a little of your time and your talents, please contact the HEF to offer your help. If interested, please either submit the Volunteer Form or contact Eileen Stein

The foundation needs help in the following areas:

  • Creating, gathering & adapting educational content for the website.
    general health, specific diseases, breeding related topics
    information for farmers and ranchers on training and use of stockdogs
  • Organizing and running health clinics
    health testing (Baer tests, other)
    sample collection for health studies
  • Specific jobs:
    Fundraising coordinator: Generate fundraising ideas, acknowledge donors.
    Newsletter: Biannual e-newsletter (program updates, news, announcements)

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