Officers & Directors


  • Eileen Stein (President)
    212 Long Hill Road
    Hillsborough, NJ 08844
    (410) 271-5289
    [email protected]
  • Cy Peterson (Treasurer)
    PO Box 5512
    Canton, GA 30114
    (678) 297-5566, Fax: (678) 297-0179
    [email protected]
  • Mark Billadeau (Secretary)
    9416 Mt Tabor Rd
    Middletown, MD 21769
    [email protected]


  • Mike Neary, Ph.D.
    11723 S 300 E
    Brookston, IN 47923
    (765) 563-3982
    [email protected]
  • Tracee Treadwell, MS, DVM
    511 Second Ave
    Decatur, GA 30030
    (404) 502-1964
    [email protected]
  • Mark Billadeau, Ph.D.
    9416 Mt Tabor Rd
    Middletown, MD 21769
    [email protected]
  • Warren Mick, Ph.D.
    750 Meadowdale Rd
    Altamont, NY 12009
    (518) 861-5854
    [email protected]
  • Eileen Stein
    212 Long Hill Road
    Hillsborough, NJ 08844
    (410) 271-5289
    [email protected]
  • Bob Wagner, Ph.D.
    18025 WCR 128
    Nunn, CO 80648
    (970) 420-2336


Mark Billadeau, Ph.D.
Mark has a PhD in chemistry from Clemson University (1991).  He was a post-doctoral fellow at Purdue Cancer Research Center (1991-1994) on photochemically initiated analogs of the cancer drug cisplatin.  He then joined IGEN International Inc (1994-2003) as a research scientist developing diagnostic test kits using the detection technology electrochemiluminescence.  Currently he is employed at Meso Scale Discovery (2003-present) as a research scientist developing diagnostic test kits, new testing platforms, manufacturing processes, and new materials using electrochemiluminescence for measuring biomarkers.  He has chaired the ABCA’s Health & Genetics Committee for the past seven years, and is an open sheepdog handler and occasional breeder.

Warren Mick, Ph.D.
Warren received a Phd in mechanical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1987. Now retired, he worked at General Electric in the Gas Turbine Engineering Division for twenty years focusing on low emissions combustor development. Warren and his wife Maria currently live on a small farm in upstate New York and have been involved with Border Collies since 1989. Warren trains dogs, give lessons, competes both locally and nationally in sheepdog trials and usually judges several competitions each year. Warren is has held many positions in the Northeast Border Collie Association and served as a director of both the USBCHA and the ABCA.

Mike Neary, Ph.D.
Mike received a BS (1982) in Agriculture from the University of Nebraska and a MS (1986) in Animal Sciences and PhD (1989) in Nutrition from Mississippi State University. He has been the Sheep and Goat Specialist at Purdue University since 1989. At Purdue he teaches undergraduate courses in Animal Sciences and conducts extension programs and research with sheep and goats. He has had Border Collies since the early 1980’s. He is a sheep producer, trains and runs his own dogs in open sheepdog trials when time allows, raises the occasional litter, and has been very active in service organizations benefitting the working Border Collie. He has served as a director for the USBCHA, an ABCA director, has been the President of the ABCA, and served on numerous ABCA committees through the years.

Cyra Peterson
Cy has a B.A. in math from Tulane University. While working as an accountant for an insurance agency, she learned to underwrite surety, and has been a surety underwriter for 35 years. She has owned her own successful agency, Financial Surety Underwriters, LLC, for the past 12 years. She is a sheepdog trial competitor at the open level, and also currently serves as treasurer of the Kentucky Border Collie Association (including the Bluegrass Classic Sheepdog Trial).

Eileen Stein, JD
Eileen obtained her law degree from Columbia University in 1967. Although retired from active practice, she has advised the ABCA and USBCHA on various legal matters over the years. She was president of the United States Border Collie Club for 20 years, is a past president and current director of the ABCA, and has been a long-time member of the ABCA Health & Genetics Committee. She participates in sheepdog trials at the open level.

Tracee Treadwell, MS, DVM
Tracee has a BS in Physical Education and Exercise Physiology from Oklahoma University, a Masters in Biostatics and Epidemiology from Oklahoma University, and a DVM from Oklahoma State University. She recently retired from The United States Public Health Service as an 0-6 (Captain), where she was stationed at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. She entered the CDC as an Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer which is a two year fellowship concentrating on infectious diseases. While at the CDC, her primary areas of focus were investigation of outbreaks and bioterrorism. She focused on surveillance aspects of unknown diseases and the combination of data across multiple systems. Her investigations include the bio threat issues surrounding the events of 9/11, Anthrax, SARS, monkeypox, H1N1 influenza, MERS, Zika, Rift Valley Fever, multiple food borne outbreaks and Ebola, to name a few. She was also the CDC liaison to the World Organisation of Animal Health (OIE), Food and Animal Health Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) representing the zoonotic aspects of human illness. While at the CDC she established the One Health Office which focused on implementing a multi sectoral One Health approach to public health, connecting human, animal and environmental health into a unified strategy. Tracee has had border collies for over 18 years and competes in sheepdog trials at the open level. She has a small farm in Georgia.

Bob Wagner, Ph.D.
Bob received a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Harvard University (1976). His research there and subsequently involved the study of DNA mismatch repair, which led to the founding of Gene Check, Inc., a biotechnology company focused on development of DNA diagnostic methods. The company also offers several veterinary DNA diagnostic tests, including several tests for sheep and CEA for Border Collies. Bob and his wife, Jan, who is an anesthesiologist and pain management specialist, live on a 6000 acre ranch in northern Colorado where they raise registered Charolais cattle and Border Collies. Bob has served as president of the United Suffolk Sheep Association and is a founder and current vice president of the National Cattledog Association.