Genome Sequencing

In addition to the other samples being collected, the HEF is seeking to sequence the full genome of 6-12 dogs in the following categories:

  1. Dogs affected with early adult onset deafness (EAOD) who went deaf between the ages of 2 and 8.
  2. Dogs with idiopathic epilepsy who are over the age of 8 with no loss of hearing.
  3. Dogs without hearing loss or epilepsy who are over the age of 8, from lines with no known incidence of epilepsy or hearing loss.
  4. Dogs unaffected by EAOD, who were bred to dogs that did become affected with EAOD, and who produced at least 8 pups from such mating(s) (in one or more litters), all of whom reached the age of 8 with no hearing loss.

    I wish to submit a DNA sample from the following dog for whole genome sequencing.  I understand that if this dog is selected for whole genome sequencing, data obtained from his/her DNA will be banked by the ABCA Health & Education Foundation, Inc. (HEF) for use in genetic research, and I consent to this use. I also authorize the American Border Collie Association, Inc. (ABCA) to furnish pedigree information about this dog to the HEF.  I understand that all identifying information about this dog will be kept confidential and not made public.

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