Our purposes include:

Support for Border Collie Genetic Research
In the past, ABCA has provided financial and other types of support to research projects aimed at genetic diseases affecting the Border Collie, including hip dysplasia, collie eye anomaly, epilepsy and early onset deafness. In the future, this foundation will be evaluating and awarding such grants.

Evaluation and Dissemination of Health and Genetic Information It’s important that the soundest and most up-to-date information about health issues and treatment options be made easily available to Border Collie owners and breeders. This will be one of the educational functions of the foundation.

Provision of Other More General Information about Border Collies
One of the services most frequently requested by ABCA members is help for livestock producers in learning how to obtain, train, and utilize working dogs. This would be one example of the type of general education we hope to provide, along with guidance for newer Border Collie owners about the essential nature and needs of the breed.